You Can Immediately Put A Stop To Harassing Telephone Calls, Lawsuits, Wage Garnishments, And Foreclosures!

Get A Fresh Start On Your Life And Start Saving For The Future

Filing bankruptcy is not something you should be ashamed of or feel guilty about. The American free enterprise system is generously forgiving of people who have had to relieve themselves from crushing debt through bankruptcy.

The Founding Fathers of our country considered bankruptcy so important that they specifically included it in the United States Constitution. In 1787, when the U.S. Constitution was written, our Founding Fathers directed the Congress of the United States to make uniform bankruptcy laws.

They knew that if America was to flourish and grow, there would have to be laws that would allow people to, when necessary, cancel their debts and get a fresh start rather than spend their lives as slaves to the money lenders.

There are a number of famous and successful people who had to do the same thing you are thinking about doing - seek relief from their creditors by filing personal bankruptcy.

The So Called "Stain" of Bankruptcy Matters Very Little to Anyone

If you're concerned about establishing good credit after bankruptcy, we have a Free CD that we give to our clients entitled "Good Credit After Bankruptcy: 7 Simple Steps To Rebuilding Your Credit." If you are working, you should be able to build your credit back up within a short period of time after filing bankruptcy.

You probably already have bad credit because of late payments and your inability to make payments on certain debts. Bankruptcy not only insulates you against your creditors but it can help you get back into financial shape quickly so that you can again start rebuilding your credit.

The word "bankruptcy" scares a lot of people out of fear that they will be entangled in a messy process that will take months to get through. This is simply not the case. We can file your bankruptcy within one business day of receiving the necessary information and fees from you. We do not require you to fill out forms before coming into our office for an appointment.

You Can Put an Immediate Stop to Harassing Telephone Calls and Lawsuits

The Bankruptcy Law allows you to file a petition with the Bankruptcy Court which immediately stops harassing telephone calls, lawsuits, home foreclosures, and wage garnishments. It also protects your savings and checking accounts. Once your bankruptcy case has been filed, creditors, lawyers and collection agencies are not allowed file lawsuits against you or call you on the telephone without risking punishment from the Bankruptcy Court.

There are many advantages to filing a bankruptcy, the greatest of which is that you are assured that you will again have peace of mind. Bankruptcy is a solution to your worries, sleepless nights and the struggling to make ends meet.

Old-timers never really needed to be concerned about filing bankruptcy because prior to the 1960's, the only time people ordinarily borrowed money was to purchase a house or a car. There was very little debt, so there was not much of a need for anybody to file bankruptcy. Today, most people have a home mortgage, car loans, credit cards, furniture loans . . . you name it, everybody is in debt.

Because of the increased amount of debt, bankruptcy is sometimes the only option available to put an end to the constant worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow.

Get a Fresh Start on your Life and Start Saving for the Future

The Bankruptcy Law is broken down into several sections or chapters. The most common chapters of the Bankruptcy Law are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In most instances you will not lose any of your possessions in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We do not recommend bill consolidation loans unless you talk to an attorney first. Why? Because when you take out a bill consolidation loan you are required to pay additional interest and if you have a house, you are ordinarily required to use your house as collateral. This means that an additional lien is placed upon your house, which you may not be able to get released in a later bankruptcy.

Some people seek out credit counseling, but the problem with credit counseling is that a credit counselor cannot give you legal advice. Therefore, your options concerning a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cannot be discussed to the same degree that you can discuss them with an attorney. That is why you should always talk to an attorney before you decide to take out a bill consolidation loan or to hire a credit counseling service.

We have a unique system that allows us to file your bankruptcy within one business day. You are assigned an attorney and a case manager to assist you with your case. We use a sophisticated computer network and a computer bankruptcy program that automatically cross-checks your bankruptcy information, and then files your bankruptcy electronically. This insures that when we file your bankruptcy case, the information on the bankruptcy schedules will be accurate and reliable.

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We are available to talk with you on the telephone and to meet with you in person to discuss your concerns and answer any questions that you may have. You can be assured that we will take both a personal and confidential approach to your legal needs.

Begin today to change your life for the better and plan for the future. We offer a Free Online Case Review or you can schedule a Free Appointment by calling 309-740-0652 or Toll Free 1-800-PAINLESS. Any information that we receive from you will be kept completely confidential. If you decide during your appointment not to go through with a bankruptcy, there will be no charge for your appointment.

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